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Doom 2 Levels


These are the levels on Doom 2 in order:


The levels can be divided up into three episode-like sections, defined by their corresponding sky texture and separated by a textual intermission in addition to the standard intermission screen; as well as two secret levels. Additional textual interludes appear before level 7 (which splits the first sky-based section into two parts), before each of the secret levels, and at the conclusion of the game.

MAP01 to MAP06; subterranean/starport levels:

bullet Level 1: Entryway
bullet Level 2: Underhalls (Exit to secret level; Xbox only)
bullet Level 3: The Gantlet
bullet Level 4: The Focus
bullet Level 5: The Waste Tunnels
bullet Level 6: The Crusher

MAP07 to MAP11; hellish outpost levels:

bullet Level 7: Dead Simple
bullet Level 8: Tricks and Traps
bullet Level 9: The Pit
bullet Level 10: Refueling Base
bullet Level 11: 'O' of Destruction!1
1: Known as Circle of Death on the intermission screen.

MAP12 to MAP20; city levels:

bullet Level 12: The Factory
bullet Level 13: Downtown
bullet Level 14: The Inmost Dens
bullet Level 15: Industrial Zone (Exit to secret level)
bullet Level 16: Suburbs
bullet Level 17: Tenements
bullet Level 18: The Courtyard
bullet Level 19: The Citadel
bullet Level 20: Gotcha!

MAP21 to MAP30; inside hell levels:

bullet Level 21: Nirvana
bullet Level 22: The Catacombs
bullet Level 23: Barrels o' Fun
bullet Level 24: The Chasm
bullet Level 25: Bloodfalls
bullet Level 26: The Abandoned Mines
bullet Level 27: Monster Condo
bullet Level 28: The Spirit World
bullet Level 29: The Living End
bullet Level 30: Icon of Sin

MAP31 and MAP32; secret levels:

bullet Level 31: Wolfenstein1 (Exit to super secret level)
bullet Level 32: Grosse1
1: This map is missing in the german version.

MAP33; bonus Xbox level:

bullet Level 33: Betray

edit Weapons

bullet Fist
bullet Chainsaw
bullet Pistol
bullet Shotgun
bullet Super shotgun1
bullet Chaingun
bullet Rocket launcher
bulletPlasma gun
bullet BFG9000
  1. The super shotgun is a new weapon which Doom II introduced to the series.


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